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This is a medical school? premed

9.21.2018 | Samantha Jacobson
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This is a medical school? premed

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2nd year has us shipped to one of the CHCs in the nations, and we act as doctor. So you'd better hope that we're trained in performing physicals, talking to patients, and listening to heart sounds for any issues, etc. I dunno how other schools manage 2 hrs a week. Just to play devil's advocate: 1) dunno of this busy work you speak of. We have 4 hrs of OMT a week because, you know, we go to a DO school and we have COMLEX 3 PE later on. imo all the activities we do have some sort of clinical significance- take first year for example. we have 3 main classes, Med skills, OMT, and the regular didactic lectures. Personally I feel like 4 hrs a week isn't enough time to practice all those techniques. If you're in your 2nd year and feel like you're thrown tons of busy work, then i'm sorry to say that it's depressing to see a person who considers seeing patients and discussing case scenarios 'busy work'.

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Thanks for the heads up OP, getting insight from an actual student really is invaluable.

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The school is not a total loss however, the anatomy faculty, every last one of them, are amazing, and Herculean efforts are made by said staff to remedy the fact that the school no longer has a cadaver lab. This came after the realization that we'd already spent the first half of the year inhaling too much formaldehyde.

Overall, I got the impression the dislike of Bradenton was 50% the school and 50% the person. I found a thread not too happy with Bradenton; it talked about a "surveillance state" feel, a pretty creepy environment, a significant dislike of PBL and the dress code.

WTF Georgetown has a sketchy medical school too?

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Yeah, compley understandably if this is true.

That's what I like to hear! I'll be there next year!

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I'm fine with the limited internet, I find it distracting and end up having to block sites anyways during the semester. Okay, that thread has really made me question the wisdom of applying to LECOMB. But who the fuck has the balls to l anyone that they can't have a bottle of water? I mean it makes sense for labs and certain locations but campus wide? In Florida?. I love the idea of a dress code, honestly I find it hard to not judge my undergrad classmates showing up in sweatpants to lecture. But the PBL idea kinda bothers me, I thought those would have some kind of lecture component, where they would give you a foundation of information that you would then have to build onto.

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If you are considering applying to the for-profit Caribbean medical schools, please read this first.

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This is worse than that Georgetown thread on SDN.

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I wonder what op's first impressions were prior to coming and options he/she had.

Don't. Seriously. If you didn't do so hot on your MCAT, and absoluy want to attend med school ASAP, slap yourself in the face, and apply anywhere but here….it just isn't worth it. Post a comment!.

Can I get a link to that thread?

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Let me see if I can find that thread; I'm not sure if it's the exact one their talking about though.

No just a sketchy admissions office. If I'm thinking of the right sdn thread.

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please elaborate. Just got into Gtown and would like to see that thread!.

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Please contribute! Success Thread. Medical School pros, cons, and thoughts Mega-thread Edition.

Edit: here's the link I was talking about.

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Sounds even worse than the LECOM thread that was here a while ago.

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They told her what she needed to do to get a special interview date and she didn't follow through. How self centered does one have to be to be upset and even vengeful over them scratching her name of their list of candidates. Wow I have never read so much butt hurt.

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You guys should not take the things this guy is saying to heart, because at the end of the day if you can't put up with some BS required stuff, then get the hell out of medicine.


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These complaints are very nonspecific, and could be said about any medical school. I go to an MD school so I can't speak about the OMT.

As I learn more about PBL and to more people about it, seems more and more a polarized topic. Having such a strong medical background as well, PBL provides me the opportunities to simply skip the chapters I already know very thoroughly, and focus on topics that are more challenging. For me, lecture is a huge waste of time. I'm not going to remember most of what you said, and I could spend my time far better by going through the chapters myself.

Nice try, ATSU-SOMA Dean.

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Do you by any chance know where I can find that? Been interested in LECOM and would love some insider perspective.

2) about OMT - first year there's about 50 people/25 pairs in an OMT session, and about 8 OMT faculty in the room. So that amounts to 1ish faculty for every 3 pairs of people, and i'd say that's a pretty good ratio. In 2nd year, there's about 5 pairs for 2-3 faculty, so not bad either.

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But if you wanna go into top-tier stuff like diagnostic radiology, then our lack of research and teaching hospitals will be some roadblocks. 4) OP, did you attend based on wanting to do something grand like the ROAD specialties? If you are you should have known that you're fighting an uphill battle. But then again, if you wanted to do a top-tier residency, why the heck did you want to attend this school instead of the better established AZCOM to the north or UA to the south?!. if you're into stuff like FM, IM, Surg, EM, Neuro, Peds, then you're fine.

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That thread is super old. I just read the thread on SDN. I would take it with a grain of salt. I can l you that the admissions office was incredibly nice during every single interaction I had with them, and I had to call them at least 15 times before my interview.

Endless BS that is more than guaranteed to steer you into a specialty you don't want, and in doing so likely lines the pockets of a dean that couldn't care less. Save your money premeds, becoming a doc is just not worth it, at least not through this school. Find a more reputable osteopathic school if you must, hell go carribean, but don't go to this school.

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Yeah, like I said, it's a mixed bag on that thread.

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KingPrudien ADMITTED 3 points 4 points 5 points 3 years ago (1 child) http://forums.studentdoctor.net/index.php?threads/Worst-admissions-staff-in-the-country%2E.12212/

If you ever want to be weighed down by endless busy work, guaranteed to deprive you of valuable study time, or monitored and treated like junior high-school students to ensure you are doing said busy work or be penalized with a negative Dean's letter, then by all means, go there.

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sounds like somebody fell for the shiny marketing.

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Please see /r/MCAT if you have questions regarding the revised MCAT.

This is a medical school? ( self.premed ).

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That School is ATSU-SOMA. So just to give you premeds a heads up, there is a school that needs to be avoided at all costs in the Great State of Arizona.

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And since it's on an undergrad campus, you don't have to abide by any LECOM rules so long as you're not actually in the parts of the buildings that LECOM rents. I honestly can't remember if that was a rule at LECOM-SH as well; if it was, I'm not too concerned because PBL is only a couple hours, three times a week. The lack of food and drinks campus wide is a bit ridiculous.

If you are looking for curriculum changes that are implemented in the middle of an academic year, a faculty that has no issue with getting worthless OMT "research" published, then please attend school here. Want to spend 4 useless hours a week doing OMT with little to no supervision? Go here.

But, she's a doctor now, at least. The only thing I liked about LECOM when I interviewed there was the price. I also had a friend who went there and she said she felt like she was in prison.

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Plus, we killed them in basketball. AZCOM for the win. 51-9 if I remember right.

3) The anatomy part is true. Dunno when OP attended the school, but there have been vents for a while. I also can't stand formaldehyde, so I actually like ATSUSOMA's prosected versions. Personally I hate dissections, so I wasn't keen on being in charge of a dead body and spending up to 10 hrs a week to dissect it to see a structure I needed.

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This is interesting, and makes me reconsider applying to ATSU-SOMA. Can anyone confirm/refute this?.

Hey, what's up with the second-year online classes? Were you onboard with that the whole time?

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I could not be more excited about PBL - it's exactly how I would learn best. I have a lot of clinical experience, so it's going to be great to apply what I'm studying to the case we're discussing as well as previous patients I've treated. I interviewed at LECOM-Seton Hill and was pretty happy with my experience there. I also agree with some other commentators who discuss the dress code - I think it sets a good precedent of being a professional.

Those are not reasons to not go into medicine, or turn down a school. The same goes for the BS things. Are the BS? Depends who you are, I suspect that they are there for a reason for people that really need them. Every school I'm aware will force you to spend time doing "busy work", whether its ethics class in the afternoon the same day of a test or talking to a homeless person as part of a health equity "elective". Just like those human sexuality lectures where they l us not to judge our patients for being LGBT; does everyone in the class need that? Absoluy not, but because of those few people classes like that are necessary.

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