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Hi, I was reading about ordering meds from Mexico online. I am

5.22.2018 | Samantha Jacobson

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Mexico dr name? Or message it to me plz.

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Buy soma from mexico
Hi, I was reading about ordering meds from Mexico online. I am

How did your delivery turn out? Im thinking of ordering as well..who did u order through?

Hi Jewels480. Do you know if this type of med is available in Mexico and if the MD you know prescribes this med? Thanks again for your help. I have a back problem and I've been on a lotta different pain relievers and the one I'm using right now that won't mess up with my head but the Drs are trying to take away is Norco. Thanks for your input.

Posted 9 Aug 2016 • 0 answers.

I have questions on getting them from Mexico.

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I would be hesitant to order any Rx online from outside the country except for canadameds as they have a proven track record. You always run the risk of the postal inspectors stopping your package. How close are you to Mexico? Many rx's are sold over the counter in Mexico and there are articles about Rx-Tourists taking tour buses to Mexico to buy their Rx's cheaper there and without a prescription. There are also buses to Canada doing the same, however, many of our Rx's while cheaper there do require a prescription.

Posted 16 Mar 2013 • 2 answers.

Many meds that are not controlled, like antibiotics, SSRI's like zofoft or Prozac, Soma, and many prescription dermatologic meds. In April of this year, 2011, my husband and I went on our honeymoon on a Mexican Riviera Cruise. There was an MD there, Mexican of course, but he wrote us scripts to have the copy of if we had bags searched in customs. with a Mexican Prescription. We went to a Pharmacia in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. I live in Phoenix, Az and have not only been all over Mexico many times and bought meds at pharmacies, but I have successfully ordered online, and by calling the Rx or MD I met in Mexico and had my order shipped to me. I never have been asked, but the law states that for controlled substances you can bring a 90 day supply back to the U.S. I have successfully bought whatever I needed at decent prices in Nogalas, Tijuana, Cancun, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas. Expand.

I was told about a website called www.medicinesmexico.com that sells phentermine. I want to loose weight. Can anyone l me if you know this site??? Thanks for the help. no health insurence. .

Posted 18 Jul 2011 • 1 answer.

He is terrified and he had done it several times without a problem. My ex boss did that for a while and then he had his shipment seized and got a letter from the U.S Customs and they informed him they had seized it, asking if he agreed to let them seize and a warning about ever doing that again. It said that if he didn't agree to it, they would prosecute him if he tried to retrieve it.

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Can you give me dr contact info for ones that have been helpful to you??

I am Bi Polar and I lost my job, I have no health insurance. I need my meds.

Posted 24 Jul 2015 • 1 answer.

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Posted 18 May 2013 • 1 answer.

Thank you so much!!!. She said that you can get a 90 day supplie in one package. A friend of mine just told me that she has being buying her meds online from Mexico with out any problems. I guess I will take a chance. Thank you for your promt response.

Can you dm me?

As far as online Mexican pharmacies, remember that you are taking a risk, as it is against the law to do it this way b/c there is no prescription required and you can't legally have the meds shipped thru the mail. Take Care. Ask for them to overnight your order. Jewels480. Most will for an additional fee, but I think it's safer. I hope it works for you, but also keep in mind that although many meds are less expensive than the US, but controlled meds are costly cause they know they can get people to pay. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions, as I added you as my friend. Which is why I drive the 2 hours to the border to avoid the shipping of mail. Maybe that will help you decide if its worth the risk.

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I live in West tx got hurt at work fighting wc won't pay for Dr visits anymore been seeing a pain management dr but haven't worked in 7 months and now lost my insurance but need my med for chronic back pain don't want to do anything illegal but can't be on this earth much longer without help with my pain thought of going to Mexico.

Buy soma from mexico