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Mexican pharmacies - Nuevo Progreso Forum

6.23.2018 | Christian Lawman

So some prices I got were:

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Walk straight down there, and you run into two buildings. The one you want to go to is on your right, think it says it's a dentist there. Also when you first cross the border, walking, there is a hall that goes to the west.

Buy soma from mexico
Mexican pharmacies - Nuevo Progreso Forum

For solospar, $80.50 for 5. Bonglixan 100ui / 10 ml for $25.

If you go to the one by El Disco, avoid the fat woman, She is a grouch, and sells at higher prices than the skinny guy. There are 3 dog pharmacies there, too.

It looks like you go south a lot...Do they make it hard to get pain Meds or just ask the right person ? Post 10.

can you buy insulin like lantus there?

I gave the prices of Lantus back in another review in this here forum.

unless you go to Benevides.

Compare prices. It can vary dramatically, from $60 to $79, I've recently discovered.

The prices at Jessica's Pharmacy was 10 ml for $47.70. Yes, one can.

Just to remind you-all.

I suggest you buy these from Jessicas. across the corner from Benevides Pharmacy.

Tadalafil Cialis 15 pills for $45.

Can I bring viagra or cialis into the USA without declaring? Would be for personal use only. Maybe about 24-30 pills. Post 10.

It looks like you go south a lot...Do they make it hard to get pain Meds or just ask the right person ?

My friends there last Thursday had margs, and they said they were STRONG! They liked talking about how strong they were!

Cialis 4 pills for $25.

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I went to some other store, and the pills looked fake, and disintegrated quickly.

Morphine injectable 10 shots for $50.

If you have booze, they put a sticker on your car, note your license plate. Then you.

And I think Clonazepam is 30 pills for $25.

If you buy a TON of some meds, and they find out, you are in trouble again.

The worst part of NP is leaving it. Sometimes the bridge is backed up all the way, and then it's about an hour wait. Buenos dia!.

And they are S L O W there, wanting you to go into the bar and drink their free (little booze in it) margarita. Jessica's isn't cheaper on their meds. There is someone playing an organ there during the more active times of year/week.

It is sold over the counter, no prescription needed. I found genuine Cialis 5mg (14 tablet and 28 tablet boxes) and 20mg (4 tablets) readlly available in Cancun Pharmacies. I found the best prices at Chedraul Selecto (Plaza Caracol), followed by Soriana Supermarket (Kukukan Plaza) and then Wal Mart. Doing so means the cost is about half of the stateside cost for a 30 day supply. Ranged from $112-$122 US dollars for the 28 tablet box of 5mg piils. I notice genuine Viagra was also available at all these locations but did not price. I use the 2.5mg so will cut the 5mg in half.

Good luck, and salud!

ten over 35 Percocet 30 pills for $45.

One pharmacy said some people buy 16 of them at a time! No prescription necessary.

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Just say you bought medications. The border patrol doesn't care what medication you are buying. If you start saying I'm bought Vialis, xanax, lantus, they will sorta get mad because you are wasting their time.

they want you to get across the border quickly.

Nitrest generic: Zolpidem tartrate 30 pills for $54.

You DO NOT need a prescription to get these. Remember, you DO NOT need a prescription.

As noted earlier, some hard narcotics are not available. No prescription, no problem. They are lined up like kids at a candy shop. Whether walking or driving back across customs will ask what you are bringing back and the usual answer is "meds"(not "drugs"). I have been going over for 10 years with no problems. Just don't lie and you won't have any problem. Relax and enjoy Progresso!. Jessicas is the best. If it were illegal to cross back with those meds 99% of the people over 55 in south Texas would be in jail. Give me a break. Have you ever been to Progresso? Thousands of people cross there every year to purchase meds(as I also do). Sometimes thy will open your bag and take a peek, more often not even that.

drive and pay a tariff on them. Sometimes it's no cheaper to buy in Mexico than USA.

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If you want more exotic medications, just ask anyone. There are pharmacies that have more of that stuff, I mean like the oxy meds.

Ativan 2 mg for 40 pills, for $65.

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Diazepam 10 mg for 20 pills, for $20.

They don't care why you bought them. And when you cross, just say you got medication.

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Suzy's Pharmacy, across from Rancho Grande, sells these types. Some prices on meds I got.

Do the Mexican pharmacies sell genuine viagra, or cialis over the counter? Can I get a prescription for viagra or cialis written by a Mexican Dr? Is the prescription good for refills in the USA?

Came with beans and papas, and the free chips and salsa. We go to eat afterwards at the green restaurant just 1/4 block south, Rancho Grande. We each cleaned our plates. Split a "lite" omelette there today with my mom.

If you are trying to sneak booze across, DON'T! If they find it, you are in BIG trouble!

They are trained to l if you are lying.

I also have written some for $85.

Soma with the two ingredients a big box for about $10.

Buy soma from mexico