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8.13.2018 | Alexis Lewin

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What is your good humor quotient? When did you last find the funny and do the following with your spouse?

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Soma 500mg high
Buy soma 350 mg

Each time you laugh, your brain gets an instant burst of the feel-good hormone, dopamine. When long term married couples are asked the question, “What do you value most in your partner that has helped sustain your marriage?” the most frequent answer is “They make me laugh!” Research on the attributes that both men and women find attractive in their romantic partner indicates that the ability to laugh and have good humor is highly valued. Laughter also triggers the onset of gamma wave activity in your brain, the same activity that people achieve after 20-30 minutes of meditative prayer. Research on ways to develop good mental health also shows that good humor is vital to your mental well-being. This is essential for good problem-solving, the ability to forgive and the ability to not take things personally. Good humor improves your ability to be flexible in taking perspective. In other words, laughter is an instant emotional power vitamin that lifts your mood faster than any pill, psychotherapy, drink or recreational drug and it has no bad side effects.

To read her full biography, click here. December 18, 2017 December 08, 2017 December 08, 2017. is a Light of Christ member with 25 years of experience in clinical psychology. Karen Cassiday, Ph.D., A.C.T.

It is also the ability to grin and laugh in a non-judgmental manner at the foibles of others because you recognize that you are exactly the same. It makes it easier to survive the most difficult times and this is why people in long-term marriages value their spouse’s good humor. It is the ability to grin and laugh at your own mistakes and good intentions gone awry and to do the same for others. Ultimay good humor shows your spouse that you are able to enjoy them even when things go wrong. When you have good humor, you make it easier for everyone around you to laugh and enjoy the moment, even when the moment is difficult. What do I mean by good humor? Good humor is the ability to detect and enjoy the absurdity in life and in your own limitations.

Sarcasm is criticism, resentment or hostility disguised as humor. Sarcasm is never good humor. Sarcasm serves to alienate us from each other and ourselves by sending out a strong message of intolerance, the message opposite of God’s grace. Sarcasm stings and bites and leaves behind emotional wreckage because it is equivalent to slapping your spouse in the face and then weakly smiling and saying, “Just kidding!” Self-directed sarcasm may be humorous on stage, but similar to other-directed sarcasm, it also sends out a message of anger and hostility that is directed toward oneself. This is a far cry from the message of love, forgiveness and grace that God gives us. It is a psychologically sneaky way of trying to make a joke at another person’s expense.

Here are a few helpful tips from the experts that can help you and your spouse get your funny on.

Soma 500mg high