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Soma Research Institute

7.10.2018 | Hunter Mansfield

Research Assistants(Graduates and Diploma)- Data Collection. Description The Soma Institutes for Research (SIR) is one of the leading behavioral and social science research organizations in the world with its head offices in the United Kingdom and regional offices in Africa (Nairobi) and Asia (Singapore). SIR is a.

in fields such as education, social sciences, statistics, or other related fields; • Attention to detail; • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel; • Ability to work independently and as part of a team; • Interest in research in education or general social science topics, assessment research, and quantitative analysis. We pride ourselves in con. Responsibilities: The Research Assistant will provide support for research, reporting, and review activities, including reviewing draft SIR products (tables, reports, data files, file documentation and web sites) for statistical soundness, and supporting work of other research, reporting, and review team members.

M-Soma Institute

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M-Soma Institute, Nairobi, Kenya. 500 likes. M Soma is a training program for Kenyan high school graduates who want to become software developers.

What's stopping you from learning? Let us know here or via direct message. We can help you.

Interested in joining M-Soma as a mentor? Sign up online at Catch some of the action from our ongoing bootcamp at the University of Nairobi here.

APPLY to learn from and be inspired by our amazing community of mentors like Sahara:

APPLY for our May-June bootcamp to engage with our community of mentors like Antony:

-- Sahara is an intended Computer Science major at the University of California, Berkeley.

M-Soma Institute Home

5.8.2018 | Morgan Carrington
Soma institute kenya

M-Soma is a computer skills training program for Kenyan youth from under-resourced communities and schools. We aim to increase the number of skilled software engineers/developers in East Africa, and enable other career professionals to actively apply technology in their work.

I have always wanted to work on my own innovative ideas, but I didn't know where to start. M-Soma offered me the opportunity to learn programming and design thinking and I was able to apply that to start MeData.

At M-Soma we provide opportunities to gain on demand digital skills, and the support needed to start a business.

Many young people with a university education cannot find work due to a lack of the appropriate skills and knowledge needed in the workplace. The technical skills learned in schools are out-dated and do not match the state of the-art-technologies used at the workplace.

East Africa has one of the youngest populations in the world. We provide learning opportunities that hold value in the labour market, and inspire innovation through our entrepreneurship program.

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Soma institute kenya

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Soma institute kenya

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